Choosing the Ideal Color for your Hardwood Floors!

Untitled collageHardwood flooring continues to be highly appreciated by homeowners for a while now and is on top of most potential buyers’ wish lists. Wood flooring can increase your home’s market value, so it is sensible to have new floors installed in your property. However, it is important to realize that hardwood flooring does not stand alone on its own — it must fit in and complement the room it’s being installed in. Your walls, cabinetry, furnishings, and color scheme all have to be accounted for when you are picking a colour for your hardwood flooring. Randomly choosing a color may lead to disappointment with the end result. Here’s a guide that will help you opt for the best colour for your new hardwood flooring.

Bring Samples into the Showroom

When you check out the wood flooring showroom, bring along a throw cushion, paint chip, or cabinet wood sample from the room in which the hardwood will be installed. Floor showrooms may be intimidating with the absolute variety of choices available, but having samples of your current color palette hand can help you narrow your selection of alternatives.

Require Wood Samples Home

Adding your wood floor to your cabinets isn’t as crucial as getting your floor color to complement your cabinetry color. As an instance, consider a dark hardwood in case you have light-colored cabinets to highlight the comparison.wood-species-300x200

Checking out the Samples on Your Room

Get as full of a photo of your new hardwood floor as possible with the four or three samples you have. Have a look at the samples in addition to at night with your artificial light. Position them next to pieces of furniture, then leave the space for a couple of minutes, and return to see if your initial impressions have changed.

Process of Elimination

Eliminate your least favorite colour from the floor samples. Then compare the rest of the samples and utilize the process of elimination until you have one sample left. And if you are still unsure about which colour would be the ideal fit for your room, a specialist hardwood floor installer can give you their expertise to help you make the best decision!

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