Cedar as flooring?

armstrong-walnut.jpgCedar wood flooring at Floor Sanding Acton generally serve as beams, lumber, timbers, boards, decking or shingles. You can often find this heartwood in red to deep reddish brown colour that often has accentuating tights knots. Cedar timber is popularly used as furniture, specifically things like chests and foot lockers and more. High performing decking cedar board it is resistant to splitting caused by fasteners and is also free from the pitch. If you want to add an element of style and beauty to your decking consider cedar Wood with best dimensional stability.


Installing a cedar floor is really simple – especially if you rent or own a pneumatic wire brad nailer. With a cedar floor installation consists of interlocking tongues and grooves and fastening the material to the floor. The very best thing about a cedar floor is that installation is forgiving. The irregularities in the colour of the wood hide a lot of mistakes. And because cedar flooring is relatively thin it is light weight and easy to handle and manipulate. There aren’t a lot of home improvements that you can say that about.

And the cedar wood will be perfect for your porch on hot summer days or cold ones.

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